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You just came back from your yearly vacation and you’re all excited to share your experience with the whole world. But imagine the horror when you plug in your sd card of your smartphone or digital camera only to find that all the photos went missing. So how do you actually recover lost photo?

Ease US

Not to worry, with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, the best recovery software for windows 8, you will be able to get it back in no time. Not only can it recover lost photo, it can solve your entire data loss issues, either by recovering lost files from a hard disk drive, an external hard disk drive, USD drive, sd card, digital camera, smartphone or any other storage media. For reasons such as deleting, formatting, software crash, hard disk drive damage, virus attack, partition loss or any other reasons. All it’s going to take are three simple steps and in just a few clicks, you will get back whatever you that you have lost.

With very powerful data recovery features, the free recovery software for windows 8 comes with two scanning modes. With Quick Scan, it can help find deleted files while with Deep Scan, it can help find formatted, inaccessible or lost files. Plus you can pause and continue at any time convenient to you and the scanning results can be saved and imported to perform another recovery without having to run the scanning process all over again.

So if you’re going to recover lost photo, just plug in the sd card of your smartphone or digital camera to the PC which has EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free installed on it. Then you can specify to look for only images before the scanning starts for a more precise searching result. Next you can filter the search by file name, type and date to find files quickly and saves you precious time. Before you confirm which files to recover, you can also preview the files to check the details and quality before proceed to recover lost photo.

The recovery software is so easy to use with its simple 3-step process. All you need to do is follow the clear and brief instructions on the screen and within minutes you should be able to recover lost photo and proceed to share it with your favorite social media. Absolutely no experience is needed and you should be able to use it like a pro. Plus it is safe and reliable as it will never cause any damage to your sd card or your device or even overwrite any of your data.

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, the best recovery software for windows 8, you can be sure of its quality. You can count on it to not only recover lost photo, but also so many other formats like videos, audio, emails and documents. With its step-by-step wizard, in just a few clicks you will get all your missing data back. And best of all, it is totally free!

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